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Development Projects 

Dining Hall App

I have worked with a team of my classmates on a web app for the dining hall. We were all chosen specifically to be a part of this group and code. I specifically was in charge of some simple front end development of the feedback page and planning/organization of the app. We all contributed to the conception of each page and structure of the entire website. The project transformed from phone app to web app to a mobile friendly web app. This was my workjob for a term an I spent some serious time on it outside of my class work.


 To see the final product click here.


I have worked with a faculty member to pursue an independent study in machine learning. The class includes Lectures froma Stanford Proffessor, Quizes, Tests, and approximately four larger projects in the semester. I am interested in the implications of machine learning in a video game/ narrative technology world and wanted to explore some of the basics. I will be learning the basics of Octave and hopefully work on some unsupervised learning projects. 


I have worked in an AP Computer Science Course my freshman year. Some of the projects we did in the class was using java to make a new math class, a craps game, and a final project in an area of our choosing, Above shown is a combination of my individual project and Craps game projects. My individual project was to use meteor to create a messenging web app.  The Craps project was a project that took me a long time because I needed to create a class