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First Published Article

I was I think in seventh grade when this was published in IndiaSe Magazine. IndiaSe Magazine is a magazine targeted towards Indians living in Singapore, Malaysia and across Asia. I was selected to interview Cheryl Bains ( subject of article ) about her experience with the Arts. I enjoyed it and was astounded that they printed my piece in an actual magazine!

The Hermonite

The Hermonite is one of my school publications. It hosts a variety of articles including Op-Eds, Features, International News and Fluff pieces. I have been a part of the publication since my freshman year. I started as a writer and then moved up to Assistant Editor in Chief. Since then  have now taken on the reigns as Editor in Chief. Its fun layout and great staff make the Hermonite the best publication on campus.

India se internship

I interned at India Se Magazine after my sophomore year. I was a marketing and editorial intern. I worked with organizing and marketing the Asian Women's Writers Festival while at IndiaSe. I also tried to revamp some of the social media track of India Se and was happy to know that we increased in followers during my time. I also contributed almost daily to the website and got a byline in one of the articles I wrote. 

New York Times program

I participated in the NYT summer program in journalism after my junior year. We explore how prisons and the criminal justice works. We got to visit Sing Sing Prison and the Fortune Society in Queens. Above is a video that captured some of the experience of being a student at this program